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100x45 Clear Cello Bag

100x45 Clear Cello Bag£0.04

100X65 Clear Cello Bag

100X65 Clear Cello Bag£0.04

100x70 mm Clear Cello Bag

100x70 mm Clear Cello Bag£0.03

113X87 Clear Cello Bag

113X87 Clear Cello Bag£0.03

130X135 Clear Cello Bag

130X135 Clear Cello Bag£0.04

130X90 Clear Cello Bag

130X90 Clear Cello Bag£0.03

140X145 Clear Cello Bag

140X145 Clear Cello Bag£0.04

145X140 Clear Cello Bag

145X140 Clear Cello Bag£0.04

160X155 Clear Cello Bag

160X155 Clear Cello Bag£0.04

161x66 Clear Cello Bag

161x66 Clear Cello Bag£0.03

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Page 1 of 7:    79 Items
Catering to the needs and requirements of a wide and varied array of customers from various industries, here at World of Envelopes, we focus on manufacturing a wide array of varying envelope designs to offer the widest choice imaginable.

From every type of postal packaging solution you can think of, whether packaging stamps or stickers to larger items such as novelty toys and coloured paper, our wide choice of Cello bags can definitely meet your needs.

Cello bags can be ordered with or without integrated headers which allow for hanging in displays, racks or supermarket shelves and can be ordered in various sizes and quantities today to suit your requirements.

They are the perfect, cost effective way to package any number of items for postal purposes or for safekeeping and here at Envelope.co.uk you’ll discover a wide selection of cello bags available in different sizes and colours to suit your exact requirements. The ideal choice for corporate gifts and gifts given on a personal level, the cellophane pouches offer a peel and seal fastening and also come in ranges of metallic colours and holographic styles.